Static Prevails

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Static Prevails
Static Prevails.jpg
Static Prevails Cover
Released: 1996-07-23
Length: 51:28
Tracks: 12
Label: Capitol
Producer: Wes Kidd, Mark Trombino, Jimmy Eat World

Recording Details

the major studio debut.


Track Listing

Track Title Length Vocals
1 Thinking, That's All 2:52 Jim Adkins, Tom Linton
2 Rockstar 3:47 Tom Linton
3 Claire 3:40 Jim Adkins
4 Call It in the Air 3:00 Jim Adkins, Tom Linton
5 Seventeen 3:33 Tom Linton
6 Episode IV 4:28 Tom Linton
7 Digits 7:29 Jim Adkins
8 Caveman 4:34 Tom Linton
9 World Is Static 3:56 Jim Adkins
10 In the Same Room 4:57 Jim Adkins
11 Robot Factory 3:58 Tom Linton
12 Anderson Mesa 5:14 Jim Adkins

2007 Re-release[1]


Jimmy Eat World

Additional musicians


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  2., How Jimmy Eat World's 'The Middle' Became the Best Song for a Bad Time", Heller, Jason, 2012-09-14, The A.V. Club, The A.V. Club, 2021-02-25, It was no surprise that Drive Like Jehu’s Mark Trombino produced Jimmy Eat World’s 1996 major-label debut, Static Prevails, or that Christie Front Drive’s Eric Richter sang backup on it.,

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