Thinking, That's All

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Thinking, That's All
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Static Prevails Cover
Written: 1995
Released: 1996-07-23
Length: 2:52
Label: Capitol Records
Writer: Jimmy Eat World
Producer: Wes Kidd, Mark Trombino, and Jimmy Eat World, Craig Aaronson Executive Producer

Thinking, That's All is track 1 of 12 on Jimmy Eat World's major-label debut album Static Prevails. This song features vocals from both Jim Adkins and Tom Linton and is also the first album to feature Rick Burch on bass guitar. This opening track has been called screamo-esque[1] and compared to the band Unwound[2].

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[Verse 1]

Play your hand

Don't play it off

Don't play that game

Out of touch

There is no pride in seconds lost

[Verse 2]

First cello suite

I know I'm late

What do you care?

Stop dragging feet

We can't go back for seconds lost


Drive by, don't stop

Drive by, don't stop

Hate wins, don't stop

Hate wins, don't stop

[Verse 3]

Smooth the sheets

No one was here and never will

Wind your watch for seconds gone


Drive by, don't stop

Drive by, don't stop

Hate wins, don't stop

Hate wins, don't stop

Guilt won't let you because you let it

Because you lost

Recording Details

Recorded at: Big Fish & Sound City Studios



Jimmy Eat World

Additional musicians


Other Versions


A demo for this track can be heard on the Static Prevails Demos This version is slightly longer at 2:51.

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  1., Dissected: Jimmy Eat World (with Jim Adkins), Caffrey, Dan; Kaye, Ben; Gerber, Justin, 2013-06-14, Consequence of Sound, 2021-02-03, JEWish-ness: The aggression from the band’s debut lingers, especially in—Lord, forgive us—”screamo”-tinged tracks such as album opener, “Thinking, That’s All”, and “Call It In the Air”, but there’s also a sense of lonely sweetness that would permeate everything the band touched from here on out.,
  2., Rock 'n' roll with Jimmy Eat World, Bartos, Colin, 1996-09-11, The Michigan Daily, 2021-02-03, "Static Prevails" is 12 songs, no two the same, of adventurous "space" rock. The thing is, there's not a weak song on the whole disc. The first track, "Thinking, That's All," compares to space noise-rock superstars Unwound with its stop and go distorted delivery. Most of the songs are on the edge of punk, but much more elaborate than just three-chord verse-chorus-verse songs.,
  3. Static Prevails (booklet) CDP 7243 5 39615 0 3, Jimmy Eat World, 1996, Capitol Records,

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