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Reflecting on Always Be Jim Adkins said the song is about "about co-dependancy; vulnerability exploited." [1]

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Jimmy Eat World were invited to perform Always Be Live on the Late Show with David Letterman episode 2956 in 2008-05-05 [2].


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COVID-19 Quarantine Acoustic Edition

On the week of 2020-03-21 Jim Adkins, filmed by Zach Lind recorded an acoustic version of this track from Unit 2 in Tempe Arizona though Facebook Live. This can be found here: before playing the track Jim mentions it would have been while they were playing the Download Festival in Sidney Australia. [3]

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  1., Band Blog, Jimmy Eat World, 2007-10-09, Jimmy Eat World, Jimmy Eat World, 2021-05-16, 10.09.07 vancouver, bc. day off. i was asked to write a blurb for journalists ( is "blurb" in the book?) about each of the songs. here is as concise as i can get about each tune without trampling on what you might make of it for yourself. we have never thought it was our job to explain songs. that is a rant for another time. but, after a few people asking me questions about the tunes and having really, really off base interpretations i thought it may be a good idea to at least point people in a closer direction. so, spoiler alert. i guess. 1. Big Casino-A loser anthem. Song about disgruntled burn-out dreams of success and what they would do with it. 2. Let It Happen-Always wanted to write an “I ain’t missing you”-- feigning strength as a defense song. 3.Always Be- about co-dependancy; vulnerability exploited. 4. Carry You-With distance and time, it becomes easier to invent qualities that may not have existed in a relationship. And to falsely believe those qualities could be included in a current version of the relationship. 5. Electable (Give It Up)-Frustration with the lack of intelligent political discourse in America. Why is attempting to polarize such an effective distraction from accountability? 6. Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues-A song about apathy. Oppression is an abstraction and thought of as someone else’s problem… until it’s you that finds yourself defending your rights. 7. Felling Lucky-A bar brawl song. Another loser anthem. yup. 8. Here It Goes-Know what is truly important to you. Don’t lose sight of that in the face of opportunity OR in the face of desperation. 9. Chase This Light-Becoming self-aware in the middle of a special experience. The “chase” is trying to find that feeling of discovery. of challange. 10. Firefight-Because it is new, everything is a big deal. 11. Dizzy-Unspoken awkwardness when two people are faced with their past. jim back to topPosted On: Oct 09, 2007 by Jim,, 2007-10-12
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