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This track may have been originally known as "Like She'll Always Be" or "She'll Always Be" [1] [2]. This is one of two Chase This Light tracks without a demo (the other being Here It Goes.)

Always Be
Always Be Single.jpg
Always Be Single Cover
Released: 2007-10-16 (album) 2007-12-03 (single)
First Played: Live: 2007-10-03 at Freeborn Hall, Davis, CA, USA [3]
Length: 3:04
Label: Interscope Records
ISWC: T0730484588
Publisher: Do I Get A Pickle With That Music [1]
Producer: Butch Vig, Jimmy Eat World, and Chris Testa
Key: F Major [4]
BPM: 170 [4]

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[Verse 1]

Could've been a night like any other

One of us has to drive

One of us gets to think

I'll force a laugh to break the silence

It's gonna get harder still

Before it gets easy

You can't keep safe what wants to break


I'm alone in this

I'm as I've always been

Right behind what's happening

She's all lost in this

She's all like she'll always be

A little far for me to reach

[Verse 2]

I was just a boy like every other

I thought I was something fierce

I thought I was ten times smarter

Love would be something that I just know

(Something I just know)

How you gonna know the feeling 'til you've lost it

I've been losing plenty since


I'm alone in this

I'm as I've always been

Right behind what's happening

She's all lost in this

She's all like she'll always be

A little far for me to reach


Maybe something else I'm missing

Something good and you're the reason

It's a dream but there's a real world waiting


I'm alone in this

I'm as I've always been

Right behind what's happening

She's all lost in this

She's all like she'll always be

A little far for me to reach

Recording Details

Following the release of the Stay on My Side Tonight in 2005-10 Jim Adkins revealed that the band was working on new songs [5] and in 2006-01, drummer Zach Lind said the band resumed work on new material, and by Zach posted that 2006-02 they had seven demos, including Carry You, Chase This Light, Stop, Beautiful Is, Dizzy, Gotta Be Somebody's Blues and that they were working with Chris Testa [6].

Recording for Chase This Light began in 2006-08, the band entered their Tempe Studio, Unit 2 with 17 tracks the band revealed tracked Big Casino, Be Sensible, Firefight, and Electable and it was reported the band was also working with Butch Vig [7]. The band reported tongue-in-cheek titles for the album including Rick's Big Ass Dance Party!, Fight People!, Thrash Unreal! and Bitch Betta Have My Money! Despite initial reporting that said Butch Vig would travel from Madison, Wisconsin to work with the band in Tempe [8] Vig eventually was in more of a consulting role with him visiting Unit 2 in person a few times throughout the sessions, and the band posting material on a website for him to listen to and provided feedback on [9] [10]. Recording sessions were held at Unit 2 in Tempe with engineer Chris Testa; the band handled additional recording [11]. Ross Hogarth and John Fields did additional engineering at Seedy Underbelly in Los Angeles, California. Around this time Jim Adkins, the band’s primary lyricist, started a writing exercise where he would look at photographs and coming up with his own back stories for them. He wound spent around 10 minutes looking at every aspect of the photograph, before writing his thoughts down [12].

Recording lasted for three weeks until late 2006-08, when the band took a break to play shows in the US and Europe [13]. Sessions recommenced on 2006-09-04 and lasted until October. Further recording took place in 2006-12 when they recorded Amy Ross of Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl doing vocals. The band took a break around the Christmas period to write additional songs, and recorded more material during a few weeks in 2007-03. Following this, the band embarked on a European tour, which concluded in 2007-05 [14]. The sessions finished later in the month [15] with mixing being done by Chris Lord-Alge in 2007-06 at Resonate Music in Burbank California with assistance from Keith Armstrong the album title was also confirmed [16]. Ted Jensen mastered the final recordings at Sterling Sound in New York City [11]. Tom Linton would later remark that they "might have gone a little bit too crazy on some of the production parts, like as far as adding more vocals and keyboard parts." [17]

Reflecting on Always Be Jim Adkins said the song is about "about co-dependancy; vulnerability exploited." [18]


"Always Be" is the second single from Jimmy Eat World's sixth studio album Chase This Light. The song was released on 2007-12-04 in the USA. [19] The single was released in the U.K on 2008-03-03. [20]

Slant Magazine's Jonathan Keefe praised the song's use of "snaps and handclaps" and compared its melody to the highlights on both The Shins' Wincing the Night Away and Shout Out Louds' Our Ill Wills. [21] In a negative review for the album, Andrew Blackie from PopMatters criticized the track for being "gimmicky and insincere." [22]

Always Be Peaked at 37 on the UK Singles Chart and 14 on the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks Chart.

Jimmy Eat World were invited to perform Always Be Live on the Late Show with David Letterman episode 2956 in 2008-05-05 [23].


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Other Versions

Live Featuring Hayley Williams

A live version of Always Be featuring Hayley Williams of ‎Paramore appears on the digital EP Are You Listening? EP. This version is 3:13 long. and can be heard here:


An unknown live version of this song appears on Chase This Light Japanese Deluxe edition. This version is 3:09 long.

Live on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

On 2008-04-07 the band played Always Be Live on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. [24] This can be found here: or here:

Tempe Session

A version of this song from the Tempe Sessions appears on Chase This Light Japanese Deluxe edition. This version is 3:04 long.

COVID-19 Quarantine Acoustic Edition

On the week of 2020-03-21 Jim Adkins, filmed by Zach Lind recorded an acoustic version of this track from Unit 2 in Tempe Arizona though Facebook Live. This can be found here: before playing the track Jim mentions it would have been while they were playing the Download Festival in Sidney Australia. [25]

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