Always Be (music video)

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Always Be (music video)

The Always Be music video is a concept video from the band Jimmy Eat World and their album Chase This Light.

Filming Details

The band began filming the video on 2008-01-05. A 30-second clip was soon added to Jimmy Eat World's official website, as well as the clip being shown on MTV Two, [1] and then on 2008-01-27, it was announced the video would premiere on MTV TRL on 2008-01-30 at 3.30pm. [2]

The video follows a school trip to a science museum which mainly focuses on a boy and girl who come to like each other by the end of the video. As the band plays, the two find themselves separated from their tour group and run around the museum, playing with the displays until they catch up with the rest of their classmates.

The video was filmed at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, California. One reviewer noted of the video: "There’s the one that sorta resembles Night at the Museum [3]except as a meet-cute between Myspace kids" [4] The video was directed by The Malloys (Beck, Jurassic 5). [5]

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