Here It Goes

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Here It Goes
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Chase This Light Album Cover
Released: 2007-10-16
Length: 3:22
Label: Interscope Records
Producer: Gil Norton

This is one of two Chase This Light tracks without a demo (the other being Always Be.)

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[Verse 1]

On, it's on

I declare my room a scene

Gone, then gone

It's too much that they say you need

It's not perfection, yeah

How boring if it is

Nothing new for me

[Verse 2]

Light on up

With everybody watching you

Lights go down

Everything is yours to lose

First dancer takes the floor

Laugh what you can't ignore

What you gonna do


Waiting for attention

I'm not

Cut it to the left

And I rock

Need an invitation

I don't

Slide it to the right

And I roll

[Verse 3]

Here it goes

Crowning up the cool kid queen

There it goes

The competition show their teeth

I'll let them fight it out

It's just my party now

What I want to be

[Verse 4]

Stand on up

Everyone in queue in costume

Stare on out

Don't get sucked in for a second

Bright lights might say your name

They only light the stage

Nothing there to prove



Hey Hey Hey Hey

Don't accept critique or credit

Hey Hey Hey Hey

Definition always changes

It's not the same as yours

You could be so much more

The closer that you get

Oh oh, oh oh

Oh oh, oh oh

Oh oh, oh oh

Oh oh


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Reflecting on Here It Goes, Jim Adkins said "Know what is truly important to you. Don’t lose sight of that in the face of opportunity OR in the face of desperation." [1]

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  1., Band Blog, Jimmy Eat World, 2007-10-09, Jimmy Eat World, Jimmy Eat World, 2021-05-16, 10.09.07 vancouver, bc. day off. i was asked to write a blurb for journalists ( is "blurb" in the book?) about each of the songs. here is as concise as i can get about each tune without trampling on what you might make of it for yourself. we have never thought it was our job to explain songs. that is a rant for another time. but, after a few people asking me questions about the tunes and having really, really off base interpretations i thought it may be a good idea to at least point people in a closer direction. so, spoiler alert. i guess. 1. Big Casino-A loser anthem. Song about disgruntled burn-out dreams of success and what they would do with it. 2. Let It Happen-Always wanted to write an “I ain’t missing you”-- feigning strength as a defense song. 3.Always Be- about co-dependancy; vulnerability exploited. 4. Carry You-With distance and time, it becomes easier to invent qualities that may not have existed in a relationship. And to falsely believe those qualities could be included in a current version of the relationship. 5. Electable (Give It Up)-Frustration with the lack of intelligent political discourse in America. Why is attempting to polarize such an effective distraction from accountability? 6. Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues-A song about apathy. Oppression is an abstraction and thought of as someone else’s problem… until it’s you that finds yourself defending your rights. 7. Felling Lucky-A bar brawl song. Another loser anthem. yup. 8. Here It Goes-Know what is truly important to you. Don’t lose sight of that in the face of opportunity OR in the face of desperation. 9. Chase This Light-Becoming self-aware in the middle of a special experience. The “chase” is trying to find that feeling of discovery. of challange. 10. Firefight-Because it is new, everything is a big deal. 11. Dizzy-Unspoken awkwardness when two people are faced with their past. jim back to topPosted On: Oct 09, 2007 by Jim,, 2007-10-12

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