Jimmy Eat World Singles Compilation

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Jimmy Eat World Singles Compilation
Jimmy Eat World Singles Compilation Cover
Released: 2000-08-08
Tracks: 11
Label: Big Wheel Recreation

Recording Details

CD and Digital Download released by Big Wheel Recreation

Track Listing

Track Title Length Vocals
1 Opener 3:02 Tom Linton
2 77 Satellites 4:03 Tom Linton
3 What I Would Say To You Now 2:35 Jim Adkins
4 Speed Read 2:41 Jim Adkins
5 Spangle 4:37 Jim Adkins
6 H Model 2:11 Jim Adkins, Tom Linton
7 Ramina 4:03
8 Christmas Card 2:54 Jim Adkins
9 Untitled 2:37 Jim Adkins
10 Carbon Scoring 2:37 Tom Linton
11 Digits 4:24 Jim Adkins


Various tracks engineered by John Agnello, Larry Elyea, Mark Trombino and Steve Revitte

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