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Grimus is a related band to Jimmy Eat World and some tracks that are currently listed as Jimmy eat World tracks may actually be Grimus Tracks. Either way the members of the band are significantly different from today's band. [1] It is unclear what personnel were playing on this track but it likely that Mason Cooper was on the drums from a Reddit user's comment on a post. [2]



Grimus 1993 Westwood High School Yearbook Photo
Grimus 1993 Westwood High School Yearbook Photo, see below for transcript


Personnel for Grimus would be based on this 1993 Westwood High School Yearbook photo from the early 1990s. Transcription: 'Rap No, Techno Not, Punk Yes

Future awaits three band members with a dream

Grimus! Where did a band come up with that name?

It seems that McDonald's Happy Meals are a popular thing, since the McDonald's character Grimus is who the an is named after.

Members ofthe band are seniors Tom Linton, who sings and plays the guitar, Ricky Burch who plays the bass, and junior Mason Coo-per on the drums. Members of the band say they met through friends. They have been together for three years.

Because they all have jobs, their practice times vary. "We try to squeeze in at least a couple of hours three times a week," said band members.

Their band has gone by many different names in the past, like Corn Bread, Sideburn Circus, Sooplex, and Creepdive. But this name looks like it's going to last. When asked if they've thought about changing it again, they said, "Nope, it hasn't come to thought."

Performing together for three years has helped them solve another problem also. Band members said, We used to get nervous before a show, but more experience made it easier."

Grimus has played at many clubs around the valley, including Sun Club, Hollwood Alley and The Silver Dollar Club. Tom explainecl,"Bars are fun to play at, but they only allow you to go inside if you are of age. I'd rather be hanging around with people my own age at clubs."

When playing at clubs they are sure to tell their friends to come and join the crowd. The group has also played at private parties. Grimus hopes to soon cut a tape and hopefully encourage people to buy it. "I can't wait until we make money," said Mason.

"Amen," added Ricky.


Grimus practices after school at Mason Cooper's house. We get wild and crazy when no one is around and it's just the three of us,' said Mason. Ricky Burch added, 'Even with managing school, finding time to practice and working, we still find time to have fun. There's a time to 'e serious and a time to be mellow."

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  2., Orangewood Sessions drummer, emi2018, 2020, Reddit, Reddit, 2021-04-26, 12 Posted byu/justinbmiller 1 year ago Orangewood Sessions drummer I'm listening to the Orangewood Sessions from 1992. So far it's raw and in-your-face. If I'm not mistaken, Zach joined the band just after this album was released around 1993. Does anybody have any information on who the original drummer is? 8 Comments Award Share 100% Upvoted This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast SORT BY TOP (SUGGESTED) User avatar level 1 thomcrowe 1 year ago Zach has always been the drummer. He and Jim were friends since they were kids. There was another bassist, Mitch Porter, who left the band to serve his mission for the LDS church. He was replaced by Rick. 8 Give Award Share Report Save User avatar level 2 emi2018 1 year ago · edited 1 year ago This is actually incorrect, Zach replaced their original drummer . The original lineup was Rick, Tom, and the first drummer, the original drummer plays on the Orangewood Sessions. I don’t like to post his name publicly as I’m not sure he would be comfortable with that. I was the original drummers high school sweetheart and have known Rick and Tom since 1992 and Jim and Zach since 93/94. Edited to add that Mitch took over for Rick and then Rick replaced Mitch permanently. I don’t recall why Rick didn’t play with them for awhile, allowing Mitch to join, but there were lots of bands going on at that time and roles changed quite a bit. 17 Give Award Share Report Save User avatar level 3 thomcrowe 1 year ago I learned something today. Thanks u/emi2018 6 Give Award Share Report Save User avatar level 4 emi2018 1 year ago You’re welcome! I’m always so interested in reading people’s comments on the early days of the band, I feel so lucky that I was there for it and always try to chime in if I think I can provide helpful info. 4 Give Award Share Report Save User avatar level 5 i_chew_gum 1 year ago Emi2018 were you there in the cornbread/grimace days? 2 Give Award Share Report Save User avatar level 6 FireUpTheSystem 1 year ago Explain this please lol 4 Give Award Share Report Save User avatar level 7 emi2018 1 year ago I messaged you! 2 Give Award Share Report Save User avatar level 6 emi2018 1 year ago Grimus? Yes! Lol! 2 Give Award Share Report Save,

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