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David Campbell

Birth Name: David Richard Campbell
Birth Date: 1948-02-07
Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Years Active: 1971–present
Website: https://davidmusic.com

David Richard Campbell (born 1948-02-07) is a Canadian-American arranger, composer and conductor. He has worked on over 450 gold and platinum albums including 21 (Adele), Futuresex/Lovesounds (Justin Timberlake), The 2nd Law (Muse), Invincible (Michael Jackson), Spirit (Leona Lewis), Aaliyah (Aaliyah), Fallen and The Open Door (Evanescence), Meteora (Linkin Park), B'Day (Beyoncé), Bangerz (Miley Cyrus), The Astonishing (Dream Theater), and various albums by his son Beck. [1]

In terms of Jimmy Eat World he did string arrangement and conducting for 2004's Futures, 2007's Chase This Light track Gotta Be Somebody's Blues, and 2010's Invented.


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