You Were Good

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[Verse 1]

It could have been but never was

At least the way you thought it'd be when you grew up

And there's so much of you I love

But loving you alone isn't enough


You were good

You were good

Then you were gone

I believed you all along

Yeah it's sad but baby here we are

It was good

It was good

Then it was gone

[Verse 2]

You got a charm you wear around your neck

Reminds you of him and I can see right through

Either you're just bad at cheating

Or there's something in your heart you wished I knew


[Verse 3]

So I'm not who you wanted but

You're still the one who sets the fire in me

Guess I'll drink what I'll drink

Until the loving touch I need is not a need



It was good

It was good

Then it was gone

It was good

It was good

Then it was gone

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By 2012-03, Jim Adkins debuted two new songs, Book of Love and You Were Good, during a solo show. [1]

  1., Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World) performs new songs live; catch the band at Bamboozle, Yancey, Bryne, 2012-03-29, Alternative Press, Alternative Press, 2021-03-02,