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Place Your Debts is a Jimmy Eat World song that is registered with ASCAP/BMI but has not been released. This may be a collaboration with Bright Eyes and The Faint artists Clark Baechle and Denver Dalley. The track is expected to be released on 2022-07-22 as predicted by Reddit User Anemone_Pharmacy on 2022-07-11. [1] On the 2022-07-22 the song didn't see any release announcements and was only briefely found on the Streaming service Tidal and was available for download on Qobuz. [2] When asked about the track's suspected release date in the early hours of 2022-07-22 by Twitter user @xjawdsx [3]Drummer Zach Lind confirmed that the track wasn't expecting a full release for Friday July 22nd. [4]

Place Your Debts
Place Your Debts.jpg
Place Your Debts Artwork
Written: 2022
Released: 2022-07-22 [1]
Length: 5:10
Label: Exotic Location Recordings
ISWC: T3102090160 [5]
Publisher: Do I Get A Pickle With That Music [5]
Key: G Major [6]
BPM: 89[7]

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[Verse 1]

Gentleman place your debts

payment in full for a future you

I think we can all agree

The ending is off to a great start

The present is soon replaced

In small increments, attention fades

Wandering of the ways

The house will collect its mark


How do we keep making all the same mistakes

We'd rather have the misery than growing pains

[Verse 2]

I chose a mystery

Went there alone intentionally

I had to forgive myself

For grieving imaginary loss

You'll pay with a life not lived

You'll pay with each thought of what could have been

Though nothing adds to the cost

Like missing the ride you're on


How do we keep making all the same mistakes

We'd rather have the misery than growing pains

(Growing pains)

[Musical Interlude]

[Verse 3]

Gentleman place your debts

I'd wish you good luck but luck isn't in

A driver and passenger

Don't go the same place


How do we keep making all the same mistakes

we rather have the misery than growing pains

Recording Details

Drummer Zach Lind shared the following on regarding release information for Place Your Debts and Something Loud.

"Thing is none of us have ever said we aren’t interested in releasing albums in the future. I think we all need to do some comprehensive reading exercises. For NOW we are doing this. Truth is after our touring cycle for Surviving vanished into thin air, the band body clock needs some time to adjust. In the end the thing that prob guides what we do is the music more than anything else. If the pieces feel like they are fitting together in a cohesive vision then that usually points to a larger collection of tunes. Sometimes, especially after releasing 5 albums in a row without an EP or a major stand alone single release, it’s nice to try something different." [8]

“Let’s be honest……this debate between albums vs. smaller releases are not had internally in a band that has 12 cohesive bangers in the bag. This is a direction we are taking after being honest with ourselves and our limitations coming out of Covid. It’s possible whatever we release could be physically packaged in a way that makes sense but we don’t know that quite yet. This will all prob make more sense when you hear place your debts.” [9]




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