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Reading a Page

Any good wiki editor should have an understanding of what is already on the page, please read through the page, if you find things you can add, edit, or remove then you would move on to editing! If the page doesn’t yet exist, then you can click on a link to it to Create the page or Search for what you’re looking to create! (Please see our Style Guide for help in creating new pages)

Editing a page

To edit a page, click the Edit link at the top. The edits you may want to make should help to expand or correct the information on the wiki! We encourage you to add citation and other sources as needed. Once you have made the edits you would like to you can either preview or save the changes. We ask that as you make edits you make a short note for what you did so other editors can see what you changed quickly. You may also want to select "This is a minor edit" if it is something minor which is typically used for fixing a typographical errors and the like. Any Summary of changes show up in the change logs (including Recent Changes), making it easier for everyone to see what's changed.

Our wiki editor has both a source editing which uses traditional wiki formatting which will be discussed throughout this page, there is also a Visual Editor which is more similar to document editing tools you may be familiar with such as Microsoft Word, Pages, or Google Docs. Either editing tool has advantages and disadvantages and both are worth checking out to help get the best content on these pages.

One of the edits you may often find yourself doing is adding links to other content on the page.

Citing a source

To cite a source, we currently have a basic template for this. To use this, type the following in the source editor

<ref name="name"> {{citation |url= |title= |last= |first= |date= |website= |publisher= |access-date= |quote=}} </ref>

Where the fields of the Citation are defined as below.


   |url= (URL of source)

   |title= (Name of source, article title, etc.)

   |last= (Last name of author)

   |first= (First name of author)

   |date= (Date of source publication using date format yyyy-mm-dd)

   |website= (Name of website of source, if applicable)

   |publisher= (Name of publisher of source, if applicable)

   |access-date= (Date source accessed using date format yyyy-mm-dd)

   |quote= (Specific quote from source)


See also, for details.

If you want to use a reference multiple times in a page, you can then refer to the same footnote again by using a ref tag with the same name without providing any of the other citation details.

All of these citations should appear under the References Section as long as

<references /> appears there. 

Linking to another wiki page

Wikis thrive on links to other content in the wiki! You may find that you want to link a page to an existing or new page in the wiki with more information. To do so simply type put double square brackets around the text you wish to become a link in the Source Editor or begin typing two square brackets in the visual editor for a link search tool to come up.

For instance, say you found an article with Zach Lind, needed to be linked, you could simply follow the above directions to get a link like [[Zach Lind]] to this page which looks like this Zach Lind

It is worth noting links created like this will always go to the words contained within the brackets so if you linked the page [[Bleed American (song)]] that text would appear Bleed American (song).

Sometimes it can be helpful to use different words than the full page title, if you want to display a different phrase than the page name, you can use a pipe: |. The text before the pipe is the page name. The text after the pipe is the label for that particular link.

For example: [[Bleed American (song)|Bleed American]] will display like this, Bleed American

this is useful for linking to song titles that also share a name with the album they are on!

If a linked page does not exist, the link will be colored red.

Linking outside of the wiki

While editing with the source editor or visual editor you can simply paste in a link to a website to link it. For instance will go directly to that page.

Placing and displaying images

Images can be uploaded to the wiki, this should generally be album covers and other similar information. To upload an image click on the Wiki tools link at the top of any page, then click on Upload file. This page will allow you to upload a file and set the file name for the image and make a short note for what you did so other editors can see what you added. This page will also show the restrictions around file types and other upload considerations.

To display an image that's been uploaded to the wiki, type the following:

[[File:Stay_on_My_Side_Tonight.jpg|300px| Stay on My Side Tonight album cover]]

In this format

[[File:Type_filename_here.jpg|Display Size (300 is good to start with) | Type description of image here]]

And your image will appear as it does here:

Stay on My Side Tonight.jpg

Other options include |300px| (replacing 300 with what size you want the thumbnail to be), |left| (to align the image to the left), or |center| (to center the image) or | right | (to align the image to the right).


Categories are a useful tool to help group pages of a similar type together. They can help readers and editor explore pages along this theme. For instance, this page is categorized with [[Category:Meta]] as it isn’t directly related to the band but to the wiki itself and [[Category:Information]] since it provides information about the wiki’s structure.

To add categories to a page, you can pick a category (or create one) by typing two square brackets and “Category:” followed by whatever category you’d like to use. You can see the full currently listing of categories here: Special:Categories

But some use places to start might be these Categories

  • Some Categories for Releases
    • Category:Compilation Album‏‎
    • Category:Extended Play
    • Category:Studio Album‏‎
  • Some Categories for Songs
    • Category:Song
    • Category:Cover‏
    • Category:Title Track
    • Category:Tom Vocals‏
    • Category:Jimmy Eat Pod Episode‏
  • Some Categories for People
    • Category:People
    • Category:Performer‏‎


If you ever need to change a page so that it redirects to another page, edit the page you want to redirect from, and use this command:

   #REDIRECT [[targetpagename]]

For Example

#REDIRECT [[Call To Love (Crooked Fingers Cover)]] will redirect to the correct page title but allow for older links to still get to the right wiki page.

Note - The command must start at the first character of the first line of the page.

Redirects can be handy when a page is changed to better confirm with the wiki’s Style Guide or for other reasons. A full list of redirects can also be found here: Special:ListRedirects.