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Brian McMahon

Brian McMahan or McMahon was an extra instrumental player in 2001. [1][2]


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  1., Brave New World, Mehr, Bob, 2001-09-27, The Phoenix New Times, The Phoenix New Times, 2021-02-21, The band has spent the past hour fine-tuning a deceptively complex number called "Table for Glasses." The band's sound is unusually rich, thanks to the efforts of two new utility players, vocalist Rachel Haden -- daughter of jazz legend Charlie Haden -- and multi-instrumentalist Brian McMahan. Once they finally nail the song's aching three-part harmonies, a blissful euphony engulfs the stage. As the last barmy notes ring out, a poignant hush fills the club.,
  2., Interview: Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World, Bautts, Jonathan, 2010-09-22,,, 2021-02-21, Have you toured with an extra member before? Yeah, in 2001. Rachel Haden sang on a lot of the songs on Bleed American, and actually Rachel sings on the song called “Stop” on Invented. We toured with her and Brian McMahon as an extra instrumental player, and Rachel was singing and doing keyboard stuff. So we’ve done it before, but a really long time ago.,