Work (music video)

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Work (music video)

Director: Marc Webb

The Work music video is a concept video from the band Jimmy Eat World and their album Futures.

Filming Details

This video features footage of the band playing intercut with interviews from students at Madison West High School in Madison, Wisconsin. The students who talk about their futures and their lives after graduation. [1] [2] The students are shown during the school day and also after school, doing things such as skateboarding, smashing television sets, and going to parties. The video also features the band playing under a tree in a field in the mountains just outside Los Angeles. [3] The music video's director, Marc Webb, grew up in Madison and attended Madison West High School where the student interviews were filmed. [4]

A CD for the work single released in 2005-03 included the Styrofoam remix of Drugs or Me and an acoustic version of Work, as well as the song's music video.[5]

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