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A wiki is a type of web site that lets any users work together to edit, expand, revise, and create content. In our case, JimmyEatWiki helps all those with a connection to the internet and an account for this site (anyone can make an account) to edit, expand, revise, and create content related to the band Jimmy Eat World. We hope our efforts will let us create a repository of knowledge that any one of us would be unable to maintain on our own.

If you want to contribute you can create an account and click on any page, including this one, and click the "edit" tab to the right of any page. While the creators and hosts of this wiki reserve the right to edit or remove information that doesn’t meet our Community Guidelines, deemed private, or worthless to the mission of this wiki. That said, we encourage you to write whatever you want!

If you aren’t sure where to start, we encourage you to click around on any of the links on the Main Page and see where you can add to the knowledge base! Another good resource is the Random Page link at the left of all pages of the wiki to bring you to a page you might not have otherwise visited.

If you’d like to see what has been added or changed recently, you can always click the Recent Changes link on the left side of this (and any page). This should encapsulate all edits to this wiki! Furthermore, you can also click the "diff" link near any change to see exactly what was added, removed or edited.

To learn more about the wikis, and about the software used four our wiki, feel free to visit: