The Middle (music video)

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The Middle (music video)

Director: Paul Fedor

The The Middle music video is a concept video from the band Jimmy Eat World and their album Bleed American. The video, which features young people in their underwear received plenty of play on MTV, especially on Total Request Live.

Filming Details

This video features footage of the band playing at a house party with a unique theme. Directed by Paul Fedor, the music video features a fully clothed teenage boy (Josh Keleher) who attends a pool party at which Jimmy Eat World is playing, only to find everyone, except the band, in their underwear. [1] Much of the crowd is making out, but the boy is excluded. Finally, out of frustration, he starts to strip to be like the others, only to bump into a teenage girl doing the same thing in the closet he is in. The kids keep their clothes on and leave the party, arms around each other, as the song concludes.

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