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This is an attempt to answer some questions about style through the wiki, and make editing simpler.

Formatting Rules

While most text does not require any special changes for wiki form. A few basic rules are:

  • Do not indent paragraphs. (Indenting may cause your text to appear in a monospaced font.)
  • Leave a single blank line between paragraphs.
  • HTML characters like © and ∞ can be used on pages: do "©" and "∞" (version 0.91 and later). See to learn more.

Date Formatting

Please follow ISO 8601 by writing dates as yyyy-mm-dd for consistency. See also or

User Pages

If you're creating your user page, we encourage you to make it your own, feel free to customize however you like with personal details. (Please keep our community guidelines in mind.) Don't be ashamed to write a little about yourself, or how you found out about the band, or link to other profiles.

Discussion Pages

When editing an article's discussion page or a user's discussion page, the comment tab on the side of the page can be used to create a new topic. If editing an existing topic, indent your response by starting with one colon ( : ), or however many colons are needed if there are already responses. After typing your message, click the Signature and Timestamp button or type --~~~~ (four tildes) to sign your post automatically with your name, the time, and the date.


When writing or editing a page, link everything that can be, or should be linked on the first appearance of a term in a section. Do not link subsequent appearances of the term in a section. If you ever are unsure if something should be linked, please look to the discussion page first for context then go ahead and create a link to help grow our wiki.

Capitalizing Titles

When creating a new page please capitalize all words in the title. Where something has been stylized in another way this can be clarified in the first lines of the page.