Pain (music video)

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Pain (music video)

Director: Paul Fedor

The Pain music video is a concept video from the band Jimmy Eat World and their album Futures.

Filming Details

This video features footage of the band attempting playing in a garage interspersed with a story of a man inflicting pain on himself.

The video, which was directed by Paul Fedor, features a young man who constantly does things which cause him pain (including submerging himself in water for extended periods of time, throwing himself down a flight of stairs, and draping himself in meat and letting attack dogs maul him), but he doesn't appear to feel any of it. He is followed and constantly attacked by two twin children with baseball bats. At the end the young woman featured in flashes through the rest of the video arrives by his side, and when the twins hit him again, he finally has a reaction to pain.[1] At the end of the video they walk off together. At the end of the video Jim Adkins throws his guitar out of the garage and then throws himself to the ground.

For undisclosed reasons, the twins in the video bear a striking resemblance to Ari and Uzi Tenenbaum from the 2001 film The Royal Tenenbaums.

Christina McDowell, who plays the young woman in the video, would become a critically acclaimed author in 2015 with her memoir After Perfect: A Daughter's Memoir.

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