Lucky Denver Mint (music video)

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Lucky Denver Mint (music video)

Label: Capitol Records
Director: Darren Doane

The Lucky Denver Mint music video is a concept video from the band Jimmy Eat World and their album Clarity.

Filming Details

This video features footage of the band attempting to play and being defeated at various sports, such as basketball, ultimate frisbee, and ultimately succeeding at wrestling.[1]

In addition to inclusion of Lucky Denver Mint and a modified version of Seventeen in the Never Been Kissed soundtrack, the former also was approved for a music video, a first for the band. The video was included on some CD versions of the album, the video was directed by Darren Doane, and was edited by Rick Pratt. Its considered a "goofy" depiction of the band. [2] [3] [4]

The video also features Jonah Matranga from Far, Onelinedrawing, Gratitude, and New End Original as one of the Frisbee players. [5]

Never Been Kissed Version

Another version of the video also features Never Been Kissed film footage interspaced in with the footage of the band. [6]

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