Half Right (Heatmiser Cover)

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Half Right (Heatmiser Cover)
Stay on My Side Tonight.jpg
Stay on My Side Tonight EP Cover
Released: 2005-09-13 (Digital) 2005-10-04 (CD/Vinyl)
Label: Interscope Records
Writer: Elliott Smith
Producer: Mark Trombino, Jimmy Eat World
Key: B Minor [1]
BPM: 90 [1]

This song is a cover of Heatmiser’s “Half Right”, a hidden track from their 1996 album Mic City Sons. Jim Adkins referenced “Half Right” in the Futures song Kill with the lyrics: "Like your favorite Heatmiser song goes: ‘It’s just like being alone."

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[Verse 1]

Well, you shouldn't doctor yourself

Well, I pictured somebody else

Someone who looks like what I look like

Would you say that the one of your dreams

Got in you and ripped out the seams?

That's what I'd say

That's what I'd say

[Verse 2]

He was a sucker for your double dose

Motherfucker turned white as a ghost

Don't you say hi

Don't you say hi

With your broken sink for a face

In a head that just takes up space

He's not half right

He's not half right

It's already half past

And it won't last

[Verse 3]

I was sticking up for my friend

When there's nothing much to defend

It's a lost fight

It's a lost fight

'Cause when I talk to you on the phone

Well, it's just like being alone

It's not half right

It's not half right

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