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How to Add to this Wiki

We are still working on building out templates and categories for this. Here are some suggestions for building each page:

Person Template

For each person add:

  • Infobox
    • name (Name of person, can be imported from the page title)
    • image (Image of person, if applicable)
    • alttext (Alt text for the image)
    • caption (Caption for the image of the person, if taken a specific date or venue)
    • birth name (Person's full name if different from the name)
    • birth date (Person's date of birth, if commonly known/published, using date format yyyy-mm-dd, if only year is published just use yyyy format)
    • birth_place (Person's birth place)
    • death_date (Person's date of passing, using date format yyyy-mm-dd)
    • death_place (Person's place of death)
    • years_active (Years active in yyyy - yyyy format, or yyyy - present format)
    • associated_acts (Links to other acts)
    • website (Link to the personal website for person)
    • twitter (Link to the Twitter profile for person)
    • instagram (Link to the Instgram profile for person)

Before any Headings, general information about the person can be given, including name/full name, date or year of birth what their role is (e.g. an American musician and songwriter), and how they are known with the band (e.g. best known for his roles as guitarist and vocalist in Jimmy Eat World.)

  • Biography
  • Other projects/solo work
  • Instruments
  • See Also
  • References
  • External Links

Please also use the category tag: